Videos of Dummies

I have recently seen two videos of absurdly stupid women spouting their views on issues of gun control and languages (the latter I only watched less than a minute of).  I pray to God, the Universe, or whoever is in charge that these people and their like are not actually what they appear to be.  Let me begin by saying, if they truly believe the farce coming out of their mouths, I am terribly worried about any offspring they produce and the idiocy they will inflict on others for many generations.  The gun control blonde, big-boobed buffoon (can you say stereotype) goes to a gun store wanting a “protection gun” not a “murder gun.”  Umm, mouth open, jaw on floor.  She is not serious?  It is not possible?  A gun can be used for protection or murder, but it doesn’t say on the gun which it is.  I know, I checked mine.  It didn’t say.  Stupid bimbo, people kill people.  Sometimes they do it with guns, sometimes they do it with knives, sometimes they do it with their fists, sometimes they do it with their cars, sometimes they do it slowly by exposing us to little bits of their asininity in videos on the internet.   Can we get a rating system for these so I can protect myself?  SOIL – Signs of Intelligent Life.  MA – Mildly Absurd.  NYKR – No, You’re Kidding, Right. ISPDR – Insanely Stupid, Please Don’t Reproduce.  I do know my only real protection from these is to not click on them.  May the force guide my choices.

The other idiot is some scarcely 20-something who likely sadly barely graduated from some public high school in America (I graduated from one of these too but not barely, btw) who wants there to be just one English language, the American one; not the British one, the Hawaiian one, or dear Lord I can’t even remember because I had to hit stop before I went out to buy a murder gun!  Please, tell me this is not true!  They made these videos just for the attention!  No one is really this stupid!!!  Really, it is not possible that someone is actually this stupid but smart enough to work a video camera and then upload it to the internet?

Now, if they actually did make these videos just to see how many likes they could get, how many shares and/or how far reaching they would go, that exposes another problem in our society.  They believe that any attention, even negative, is better than no attention.  Can you say child of divorce begging for a parent to pay attention to them and not their third new love of their life in a year?  Somebody pay attention to me please!  Being proud of the success of their video for looking like an incompetent fool is the highlight of their lives.  The highlight of their lives is not inventing some game-changing device to help the physically challenged or writing an entertaining book or a beautiful poem or helping a neighbor in a time of struggle or even simply raising responsible, well-rounded, decent, productive human beings.  The highlight is to look like an idiot in the hopes it will make them famous.  Fame is the ultimate goal.  Fame for fame’s sake.  Not fame for doing something truly spectacular.  Not fame for doing something heroic.  Not fame for being a decent human being.  Fame for being the stupidest person this week on the Internet.  Since their parents likely don’t remember they exist, I am sure their grandparents would be so proud (that is sarcasm in case you are ISPDR).  It is just pathetic – just pathetic in British English, Hawaiian English or even American English.

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